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Börsen-Zeitung 01-2013 „Immer mehr Privatanleger finden Gefallen an Covered Bonds“

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Source: Börsen-Zeitung, 11.01.2013

Author: Ted Lord, Managing Director und Head of European Covered Bonds bei Barclays

Borsa & Finanza 06-2011 „Un'ondata di emissioni dagli istituti bancari Ue“

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Source: Borsa & Finanza, 06-2011

Author: Ted Lord. Executive Director and Head of European hiopotecarias bonds at Barclays Capital in Frankfurt

Cinca Dios 04-2011 „Las cédulas hipotecarias españolas marcan la senda“

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Source: Cinca Dios, 04-2011

Author: Ted Lord. Director Ejecutivo y jefe de cédulas hiopotecarias europeas de Barclays Capital en Fráncfort

Euromoney Books 2006 „Covered Bonds and Pfandbriefe: Innovations, Investment and Structured Alternatives: The Investor's Perspective“

Reuters 08-2011 „Ring-fenced collateral keeps covered bonds buoyant: BarCap“